My status

Zhen is alive. Cogito, ergo sum.

Zhen is dead.

Zhen is starting his new life.

Zhen has wish for his life.

  • To enjoy countless wealth with ever-healthy family members in a peaceful world. Nothing more.

Zhen has life goals to achieve.

  • (hidden)
  • To visit Niagara Falls, Tekapo, and a secret place with her if she appears in my life before 30.
  • To give her happy life.

Zhen has 3 short term goals to achieve.

Zhen has projects to do.

  • Personal Website and Blog
  • Rainbow TodoList
  • Rainbow Bookkeeping Online
  • Rainbow Localization Platform
  • You-get Wrapper User Interface

Zhen has more than 50 books to read.

Zhen has more than 100 games to play.

Zhen has more than 100 movies to watch.

Zhen has more than 150 videos to watch.

Zhen has an estimated expectancy of

left to live his life.

When Zhen is dead, he will no longer be able to love, to code, to play, to dream a dream, or to pursue his life goals.

Your status

You have wasted of your life looking at this boring page.

Last updated on 28 October 2017