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  • GPA Calculator Source code

    This is a simple tool for students at Shanghai Jiao Tong University to convert their grades or marks into GPA quickly. It can get input data from keyboard as well as from a text file which contains useful information from the website.

  • Bignum Source code

    This is a library which allows programmers to deal with big integers in C++ and supports some basic calculations as well as comparisons.

  • LC-3 Disassembler Source code

    This is a simple disassembler for a subset of the LC-3 assembly language. It can translate machine code into assembly code and supports the following instruction type: AND, ADD, JMP, BR.


  • Tic-tac-toe Unity Source code

    You can download and play this classic game with your friend on your local machine. It was built using Unity Engine.

  • Auckland Museum Virtual Tour Source code

    This prototype creates a virtual Auckland Museum as an addition and enhancement to the traditional museum experience by utilising museum data as well as applying general design principles. It also includes considerations for VR and HoloLens devices.


  • Tweets Fetcher Source code

    This can search tweets by keywords and fetch tweets on any given user timeline from Twitter API by using twitter4j library.

  • You-Get Wrapper Source code

    This simple tool helps you to use the popular online resource downloading tool You-Get in a convenient way.


  • Tic-tac-toe Source code

    You can play this classic game with your friend on the demo page. It was mainly implemented using JavaScript.


  • Commodity Broker Project Source code

    This is a simple online system for brokers to generate item orders and make trades. For administrators, they can create or edit accounts and see bar charts showing the number of each item appeared in any order types.

  • Service Account of Industrial Bank Shanghai Changning Branch on WeChat Source code

    This service account was made to be a platform to deliver latest information about financial products of the bank to their customers. It also makes the communication between the bank and their customers easier and smoother in a way such that many questions from the customers can be answered quickly. This account is running on WeChat which is the most popular mobile app in China.


  • 8 Puzzle Source code

    This AI solves 8 sliding tile puzzle using IDA* algorithm and Manhattan heuristics.


  • Chinese Word Segmentation Source code

    This is a powerful tool to turn Chinese paragraphs into sentences and meaningful words correctly. It can handle common Chinese names and resolve some ambiguity in sentences.

  • Maze Source code

    This is a Class which can generate a maze object in any size.

  • Process Message System Source code

    This is a simple message passing synchronization system for multiple processes to communicate with each other in a safe manner.

  • Simple File System Source code

    This is a very simple disk operating system called TinyDOS which provides the ability to store and retrieve data on a virtual drive.



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